Ad test

I’m working on a advertising deliverable for a client. I need to show the differences between something like Google’s AdSense and statically delivering image content. Because of this, here is an Ad.

It’s a 250x250px ad, with backup of Jake the dog,

This took me 3 days to get approval to get working. First day is submitting the site and Google crawls it to verify you have enough content. My first domain didn’t pass (but it’s basically just a business card). This one did. Then I placed the ad code using wordpress plugin “Easy Plugin for AdSense”. It was blank (with no way to get anything other than blank) for about 48 hours.

I’ll get rid of this later. I have no aspirations about making some glorious $0.05 or whatever small personal blogs can make.

update: Removed! It shows that I made $0.00. I thought it would make a couple more cents. It was easy to do though, and if you have a specialized enough userbase I’m sure Google is a good partner today for ads.